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Sensora Sequencer Advanced Tool

Price: $2 000.00

The Sensora® Sequencer is an authoring tool allowing experienced operators to create, store and play back their own Sensora sessions, according to their specific understanding of the functions of color and sound.

This sophisticated software package provides full control over all multi-sensorial capabilities of the Sensora:

Color Control


Complex projection patterns with advanced Light Modulation™ control of both color and brightness



Brainwaves Control

Sophisticated generation of Brainwaves Entrainment patterns, with synchronized multi-zone light projections exploiting the laterality and peripheral sensitivity of the eye-brain structure.


Chair Kinesthetic Control


Control of the Dynamic Sound Transduction™ functionality of the Sensora Tranducer Chair, tailoring the kinesthetic sound massage generated directly from the music soundtrack.


Soundtrack Control


Complete Playlist Editor allowing the compostion of session soundtracks from the user's own music collection, stored as .mp3 or .wav files on the Sensora Pro PC hard-disk.


The Sensora Sequencer stores sequences of all Sensora parameters, automatically and smoothly interpolating between successive steps to generate refined multi-sensorial sessions.

Sensortech offers an on-site 2-days Training Workshop for operators wishing to fully explore the unprecedented capabilities of the Sensora Sequencer.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

 Prices are subject to change without notice.

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