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Sensora Color Balancing Advanced Tool

Price: $2 000.00


The Sensora® Color Balancing Advanced Tool is a software package enabling the Sensora (or other systems powered by Sensortech Light Modulation processors and projectors) to generate Color Balancing Sessions precisely matching the user's current color needs. It is based on the color system developped by the "Van Obberghen Color Institute" from Switzerland and its process is licensed from their IP.

Color TestThe program uses a simple but remarkably effective Color Test which can be performed within a few moments through an interactive Touch Screen. The test is an easy process where you are guided into picking a number of colored dots out of a random selection to remove the colors that are least appealing to you in this moment.

Once you have completed your selection, you will be presented with a Test Report showing your color profile; a surprising amount of information can be extracted from it by a therapist trained in the Van Obberghen color system. A custom multi-sensorial Sensora session will then be generated live, creating an exquisite "Color Bath" optimized to balance your color profile.

Color Test CalibrationThe Color Balancing tool includes the capability to precisely calibrate both the colors displayed on the Touch Screen LCD and those projected on the Sensora screen during the session. It also allows various operational options, such as setting the session duration (from 10 to 60 minutes) and the soundtrack music.

Training Workshops on the principles and applications of the color system underlying the Color Test are available from the Van Obberghen Institute.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

PDF Document

   Sensora Color Balancing User's Manual

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