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"Sensora gently guides us into a state of oneness where heaven and earth merge and we once again see through the eyes of God. The experience is extraordinary and unforgettable." 

Dr.Jacob Liberman, author of:    

"Light: Medecine of the future"     
"Take off your glasses and see"    
"Wisdom from an empty mind"
"The Sensora, a cerebral relaxation dome created in Quebec, offers a soft and thoroughly voluptuous experience. It is a sound and light installation that wraps us up in cotton balls as though we were a precious gift."
"A soft voyage into the heart of light. The curved screen resembles a shimmering surface of water upon which dances the light of the sun. (..) At the present time, I know of no other fully integrated light, sound & vibration system that so closely unifies science, art and consciousness."

Raoûl Duguay, Author, Composer, Poet
"The Sensora is without doubt the most advanced, complete, multi-sensorial system made. You will be amazed to learn what this system contains and how it can be used. Sensortech Inc. has definitely taken light, sound and tactile stimulation to its highest level."

Michael Landgraf, Editor AVS (Audio/Visual Stimulation) Journal
"Just one try and I literally melted into a kind of inexpressible blissfulness.(..) Sensora opens the door to an inner Eden."
Michel St-Germain, Journalist

The Sensora® runs special multimedia programs incorporating sound, light and kinesthetic information encoded into Sensora Sessions. There are various types of Sensora Sessions.

Sensora Core Sessions
Sensora Core SessionsThe Core Sessions form the basis of the Sensora's capabilities and have been developed by a team of experts involving psychologists, psychotherapists, physicists and artists.Typically lasting 20 to 30 minutes, each is designed for a different application having its own specific range of colors and frequencies. Musical scores are adapted from top composers specializing in the field of relaxation music, and are combined with natural sounds recorded around the world; they make full use of Sensortech's Sound Spatialization technology.

Details on each Core Session can be found in the Products section. As this library keeps expanding, Sensora operators will always be able to renew their system's possibilities. Sensortech can also create customized programs to order for clients with special needs.

Sensora Light Painting
Light Painting

 The easy-to-use Sensora Light Painting software allows the interactive creation of complete light patterns, called “Light Paintings”, incorporating the full capabilities of our patented Light Modulation™ technique.



Sensora Color Balancing Sessions
Color Balancing Color Balancing Sessions are generated with the Sensora Color Balancing Advanced Tool. They are based on a simple but remarkably effective Color Test which can be performed within a few moments through an interactive Touch Screen. A customized Sensora Session is then generated live, creating a "Color Bath" precisely matching and balancing the user's current color needs.

Sensora Sequencer Sessions
Sensora SequencerThe Sensora Sequencer is an authoring Advanced Tool allowing experienced operators to create, store and play back their own Sensora sessions, according to their specific understanding of the functions of color and sound.

This sophisticated software package provides complete control over all multi-sensorial capabilities of the Sensora: color patterns with Light Modulation & Brainwaves, chair kinesthetic Dynamic Sound Transduction, and soundtrack.    


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