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"Sensora gently guides us into a state of oneness where heaven and earth merge and we once again see through the eyes of God. The experience is extraordinary and unforgettable." 

Dr.Jacob Liberman, author of:    

"Light: Medecine of the future"     
"Take off your glasses and see"    
"Wisdom from an empty mind"
"The Sensora, a cerebral relaxation dome created in Quebec, offers a soft and thoroughly voluptuous experience. It is a sound and light installation that wraps us up in cotton balls as though we were a precious gift."
"A soft voyage into the heart of light. The curved screen resembles a shimmering surface of water upon which dances the light of the sun. (..) At the present time, I know of no other fully integrated light, sound & vibration system that so closely unifies science, art and consciousness."

Raoûl Duguay, Author, Composer, Poet
"The Sensora is without doubt the most advanced, complete, multi-sensorial system made. You will be amazed to learn what this system contains and how it can be used. Sensortech Inc. has definitely taken light, sound and tactile stimulation to its highest level."

Michael Landgraf, Editor AVS (Audio/Visual Stimulation) Journal
"Just one try and I literally melted into a kind of inexpressible blissfulness.(..) Sensora opens the door to an inner Eden."
Michel St-Germain, Journalist
In order to create its unique multi-sensory experience, the Sensora® makes use of the following set of equipment, which includes exclusive instruments designed and patented by Sensortech.



The LPA-2 and LPA-3 Light Projection Arrays are highly integrated light projectors that contains 20 independent LED light sources (merged into 5 quad-color light beams), capable of projecting a seamless wall of pure colors. It incorporates the unique Light Modulation™ algorithms synthesizing the light patterns that are such an essential aspect of the Sensora experience.


TC-2 Transducer Chair TD-2 Transdriver The Sensora TC-2 and TC-3 Transducer Chairs are elegant reclining chairs equipped with 8 special sound transducers. Together with the TD-3 Transdriver audio processing unit, they generates gentle waves of kinesthetic sound vibrations that flow across the surface of your body from head to toe. This process called Dynamic Sound Transduction™ creates a pleasant sensation that can only be described as a sound massage.


Sensora Projection Screen
The Sensora light projections are displayed on a circular Projection Screen. Inclined at 45°, it is large enough to cover your field of view and therefore leave you immersed within a field of shimmering light. Two sizes are available at 3m and 1.8m in diameter. The 3m features a laser-diode coherent light focus point at its center, acting as an anchor for your attention.


Touc Screen The Sensora Pro uses a high-quality four-channel audio playback system comprising a multi-channel amplifier and a speaker set of four satellites + subwoofer (typically based on Denon and Bose models), capable of reproducing the Sound Spatialization feature of Sensora Programs.

In the Sensora Pro system, user-friendly system control is performed from an interactive Touch Screen driving a silent PC.



Sensora Program


A collection of multi-sensorial Sensora Sessions on various themes are available, integrating light, sound and kinesthesic information components.

Avanced Tools

Color Balancing SoftwareSensora Color Balancing:
An interactive Color Test, with live generation of Sensora sessions performing a Color Balancing specially adapted to the user’s current needs.

Sensora Sequencer:
An authoring tool allowing experienced operators to create and record their own Sensora sessions, according to their specific understanding of the functions of color and sound.

Working in synergy, this set of instruments transforms any room into the powerful Sensora multi-sensorial environment.

Two Sensora system packages are available:

  • The Sensora-Pro I is a full-scale system for permanent installations, with the most impressive immersive impact.
  • The Sensora-Pro II features portable instruments suitable for smaller rooms or temporay installations.
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