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"Sensora gently guides us into a state of oneness where heaven and earth merge and we once again see through the eyes of God. The experience is extraordinary and unforgettable." 

Dr.Jacob Liberman, author of:    

"Light: Medecine of the future"     
"Take off your glasses and see"    
"Wisdom from an empty mind"
"The Sensora, a cerebral relaxation dome created in Quebec, offers a soft and thoroughly voluptuous experience. It is a sound and light installation that wraps us up in cotton balls as though we were a precious gift."
"A soft voyage into the heart of light. The curved screen resembles a shimmering surface of water upon which dances the light of the sun. (..) At the present time, I know of no other fully integrated light, sound & vibration system that so closely unifies science, art and consciousness."

Raoûl Duguay, Author, Composer, Poet
"The Sensora is without doubt the most advanced, complete, multi-sensorial system made. You will be amazed to learn what this system contains and how it can be used. Sensortech Inc. has definitely taken light, sound and tactile stimulation to its highest level."

Michael Landgraf, Editor AVS (Audio/Visual Stimulation) Journal
"Just one try and I literally melted into a kind of inexpressible blissfulness.(..) Sensora opens the door to an inner Eden."
Michel St-Germain, Journalist
The human brain generates weak electric signals called EEG (electroencephalo- graphic) waves. These EEG waves cover a frequency range of about 1 to 100 cycles per second (Hz). Experiments have shown that this range can be divided into five phases associated with different mental functions.



While the function of Gamma waves is still not fully understood, their capacity to sweep across the whole brain has led some researchers to suggest that they may provide a "temporal binding  into a single cognitive experience.“

Gamma EEG wave frequency range: 30 to 100 Hz


Brain waves in this range indicate the normal waking state. This is a state of mental activity and attention turned out towards the world. Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours in this state.

Beta EEG wave frequency range: 14 to 30 Hz


Alpha waves accompany relaxation. This state indicates attention turned inward, as in meditation and deep unwinding, let-go.

Alpha EEG wave frequency range: 8 to 13 Hz


The hypnagogic state just before falling asleep. This state plays an important role in visualization, creativity and learning.

Theta EEG wave frequency range: 4 to 7 Hz


Delta waves appear during the deepest portions of sleep. They are also associated with altered states such as trance mediumship.

Delta EEG wave frequency range: 1 to 4 Hz

When the brain is exposed to pulsations of sound or light in the range of these EEG wave frequencies, it tends to spontaneously fall in synch with the pulsed frequencies. This resonance phenomenon is known as photic driving (in the case of light) and has been widely studied. It has been found, for example, that stimulating the senses with pulsations in the Alpha range will help the brain to move toward the relaxed state normally associated with Alpha waves.

Implementing our patented Light Modulation™ process, Sensortech light processors and projectors such as the Sensora's LPA-2 Light Projector can integrate photic driving into light patterns projected on the scale of an entire room. Through this gentle but accurate brainwave entrainment, the Sensora® can effortlessly and naturally facilitate the expansion of the functions associated with the different brainwave states.

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