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"Sensora gently guides us into a state of oneness where heaven and earth merge and we once again see through the eyes of God. The experience is extraordinary and unforgettable." 

Dr.Jacob Liberman, author of:    

"Light: Medecine of the future"     
"Take off your glasses and see"    
"Wisdom from an empty mind"
"The Sensora, a cerebral relaxation dome created in Quebec, offers a soft and thoroughly voluptuous experience. It is a sound and light installation that wraps us up in cotton balls as though we were a precious gift."
"A soft voyage into the heart of light. The curved screen resembles a shimmering surface of water upon which dances the light of the sun. (..) At the present time, I know of no other fully integrated light, sound & vibration system that so closely unifies science, art and consciousness."

Raoûl Duguay, Author, Composer, Poet
"The Sensora is without doubt the most advanced, complete, multi-sensorial system made. You will be amazed to learn what this system contains and how it can be used. Sensortech Inc. has definitely taken light, sound and tactile stimulation to its highest level."

Michael Landgraf, Editor AVS (Audio/Visual Stimulation) Journal
"Just one try and I literally melted into a kind of inexpressible blissfulness.(..) Sensora opens the door to an inner Eden."
Michel St-Germain, Journalist
Extensive psychophysiological research allows us to specify the arousing, relaxing, awareness sharpening, or pacifying effects of various colors. Fields of medicine such as syntonic optometry have been deepening our understanding of the therapeutic use of light and color.

ImageImageWe are all subjectively affected by color. While this knowledge has been used by many ancient cultures throughout history, modern science has both broadened and more clearly defined the use and effects of color.

Light action through the eyes
On the brain’s visual cortex: specialized color processing centers in the brain are stimulated through the optical nerve, allowing us to perceive and feel colors. Since sight constitutes such a large proportion of our mental activity, this is the most obvious influence of light.

On our hormonal system:
a direct link between the eyes and the brain centers controlling our hormonal balance has been suspected for many decades. This link, distinct from the optical nerve, is now well established and has been called the “energy pathway” of the visual system. As recently as in 2002, previously unknown color-sensing receptors have been discovered in the eye’s retina (named ipRGC’s or ‘intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells’), through which light regulates our body’s inner rhythms in ways that are still being explored.

On the blood: the transparent blood capillary vessels densely layering the eye’s retina are irrigated by a tremendous amount of blood: the body’s entire blood supply flows through the retina every two hours. Our blood is therefore directly exposed to the colors we are looking at, which can act as catalysts in various biological processes.

Light action through the skin
Light penetrates deep into our body tissues, where it interacts with our blood and cells. While most light interaction occurs within the first few centimeters below the epidermis, a minute amount of light photons reach throughout the whole body. Recent discoveries have shown that living cells actually emit and exchange light photons, and that these “biophotons” may play a vital role in biophysical processes.

The brain and pure color
CAT-SCAN studies have shown that most of the interpretative visual centers of the brain, normally activated by the shapes or images we view, are quieted when the eyes are viewing pure colored patterns. This suggests that the experience of color is a sensation complete in itself, not requiring subsequent analysis or interpretation by the brain, and therefore permitting most cognitive brain centers to rest.

The Sensora exploits this phenomenon by presenting an harmonious, exquisite sensory experience which captures the attention and awareness, while allowing the rest of the brain and body to rest and relax. Such a combination (attention & resting mind) is conducive to natural, spontaneous meditation.

Some of the known properties of colors

 Red, Orange

Energizing, invigorating colors.


Considered to be an excellent facilitator of intellectual work.


The color of nature, associated with heightening the emotional qualities of the heart.


Contributes to the creation of ordered thought and harmonious mood.


Has a calming and soothing effect on the disposition.


Associated with feelings of being uplifted; accessing higher spheres of consciousness.


Stimulates concentration and the ability to learn.

The Sensora® produces an environment of exquisitely pure colors which can cover most of the rainbow's spectrum. Each Sensora Session uses a certain range of colors, specifically adapted to its purpose.

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