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This process extracts low-frequency information from an audio source to generate a dynamic kinesthetic stimulus within a specially adapted reclining chair, creating the unique sensation of a sound massage. This is achieved using the TD-2 Transdriver, a special digital audio processor integrated into our TC-2 and TC-3 Transducer Chairs.

The Transdriver Controller:

TD-2 Transdriver A special digital audio processor, the TD-2 Transdriver, extracts low-frequency information from any music souce. The Transdriver first stabilizes the audio signal through a sharp low-pass filter and an optimized compression circuit; it then distributes it in programmable, dynamic patterns across 8 discrete amplified channels.


The Transducer Chair:

Image Image The 8 outputs of the Transdriver drive a specially adapted motorized reclining chair. This Transducer Chair contains an array of 8 audio transducers which convert the processed audio signal into a wave of vibration felt along the body as a kinesthetic sensation. The transducers are distributed in 2 rows of 4 across the chair surface, allowing transversal as well as longitudinal wave patterns.

The TC-2 Transducer Chair can create a wide variety of vibration wave patterns (such as up-down movements from head to feet, circles, crosses,… at varying speed and direction) which the user perceives as having relaxing, stimulating or balancing effects.

ImageThe new portable TC-3 Transducer Chair creates the same effects in a folding, light-weigth recliner.

Examples of Dynamic Transduction Patterns:

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