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Sound spatialization refers to the localization of sound (its perceived source or point of origin) and its movement through a physical environment.The designer of the Sensora® instruments, Anadi A. Martel, is a physicist who has been a pioneer in this field: the prize-winning Spatial Sound Processors he designed have been used around the world. Users include NASA, Walt Disney World and numerous cinema and IMAX postproduction studios.

Sound Spatialization 

Three generations of such Spatial Sound Processors were created in the 1980's and 1990's - refer to the Products Archive for more details on these groundbreaking inventions, most of which are no longer in production. While Surround Sound has now become mainstream in cinema and at home, with a multitude of new audio mixing tools now available, some of these original Spatial Sound Processors are still to this day used by enthusiastic sound designers who consider the flexibility of their vintage instrument unmatched yet!

SSP-200 Spatial Sound Processor
SSP-200 (created 1990)
OPS-1 Omnisound Spatial Processor
OPS-1 (created 1998)




The Sensora Core Sessions are recorded with Sound Spatialization technology as the Sensortech team draws on its unique expertise to bring movement and focus to the Sensora multi-channel soundscape. 

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