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Light Modulation is a new type of light control technique developed and patented by Sensortech allowing the creation of a class of lighting effects hitherto difficult - or impossible - to realize, with direct applications in many fields of lighting design.

  • Luminotherapy & Mood Lighting
  • Stage Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • ...

ImageLight Modulation  is based on an array of Low Frequency Oscillators (or LFOs) combining to create modulations of the intensity and color of light, i.e. cyclic variations controlled by the oscillators. In essence, this process applies to LIGHT the type of modulation algorithms that have long been for SOUND in audio synthesizers.

While this basic principle is simple, it has been substantially refined in order to lead to practical applications. The main challenge lies in the proper design of multi-LFO modulation structures, and in the optimization and synchronization of the numerous control parameters (such as frequency, waveshape and phase) driving the modulation LFOs.

As with successful sound synthesizer designs, this achievement has required a long and patient development: a Light Modulation controller such as Sensortech's SD-2 Sensor Driver now uses more than 100 control parameters, organized into an efficient architecture allowing the creation of rich, complex synchronized light patterns.

The end result of this technique is the creation of shimmering, ever-changing light patterns that can have a remarkably organic quality of alivenes or give fleeting astral-like impressions, imbuing them with the ability to elicit visual fascination. Also, the oscillatory nature of the modulation patterns naturally leads to brainwave entrainment.

In addition to producing the Sensora®, a multi-sensorial environment showcasing Light Modulation, Sensortech provides consultancy services for the implementation of unique Light Modulation effects in various custom applications.

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