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The International Light Association (ILA) 2012 annual conference will be held in Berlin between 14th - 18th October, 2012. The conference is open to members and non-members.
Ed Kondrot, animator of the weekly radio talk show "Healthy Vision" (KFNX 1100, Phoenix, Arizona), interviews Sensortech's president Anadi Martel on March 4th, 2012.
Anadi A. Martel, physicist and creator of the Sensora, is elected President of the International Light Association at its General Assembly held on October 4th, during the 2011 ILA Conference in Ste-Adèle, Québec, Canada.
Anadi A. Martel is invited to present a live Sensora Light Modulation experience for the Closing Ceremony of the «ISSSEEM 2011 Conference» (Westminster, Colorado. USA).
Sensortech's president, Anadi A. Martel, joins neuropsychology expert Lise Lippé as featured speakers at the «International Light Association Conference 2011» (Ste-Adèle, Canada) where they give a common presentation:
Sensortech's president, Anadi A. Martel, is a guest speaker at the «Syntonic Phototherapy Conference 2010» (St-Petersburg, Florida, USA) organized by the College of Syntonic Optometry, where he gives the following presentation:

The first Sensora system in South Africa was acquired by Ms Soozi Holbeche of Cape Town and installed on-site by Sensortech's team in June 2009..

Sensortech's president, Anadi A. Martel, and the Sensora's co-creator, Ma Premo, are featured speakers at the «International Light Association Conference 2009» where they offer an experiential presentation on Light Modulation:
Sensortech's president, Anadi A. Martel, is a featured speaker at the «Light and Colour Congress» («Licht und Farbkongress») held in connection with the Trade Fair «Bau- und Energiemesse Weiselburg» near Vienna, Austria. He has given a live demonstration of the Sensora multi-sensorial system, together with the following presentation:

The European Institute for Light Therapy (Spijkenisse, Holland) has been appointed as representative for Sensortech's Sensora products for Europe.

An on-site Sensora Pro installation is available for demonstration of Sensortech's multi-sensorial technologies.



GUEST Centrum voor Rebalancing from Spijkenisse has acquired the first Sensora® in Holland.

The Sensora Pro multi-sensorial room is installed at their therapy center, where it will be used as a powerful adjunct for their light therapy and rebalancing massage services.

The Centrum can be contacted through their web site  

Sensortech's president, Anadi A. Martel, is a featured speaker at the «Professional Lighting Design Convention 2007» (London, UK), where he gave the following presentation in the Health & Well-being track of the conference:

OSIM International, a major manufacturer of high-end massage chairs based in Singapore, tapped the expertise of Sensortech specialists to design the light programs incorporated in their new uSpace Mood Lighting massage chair launched in Feb. 2008.

"Light affects the way we feel. It "speaks" to our brainwaves, regulating activity and gently influencing our moods. uSpace's therapeutic Mood Light is designed to gently stimulate your mind and deliver you into a realm of peace and calm."

(from OSIM's uSpace descriptive material)

Sensortech developped three Mood Light color programs specially for the uSpace chair:

  • Relax: promotes calmness and reduces stress.
  • Rejuvenate: increases alertness and encourages creativity.
  • Balance: harmonises and promotes energy boost.



Sensortech's president, Anadi A. Martel, is a guest speaker at the «75th Syntonic Phototherapy Conference 2007» (Kansas City, USA) organized by the College of Syntonic Optometry. There he gave the following presentation introducing Light Modulation:

Sensortech's president, Anadi A. Martel, is a featured speaker on Light Modulation at the «International Light Association Conference 2006» (Heidelberg, Germany), where he gives the following presentation:

Sensortech is invited to demonstrate its Sensora light projection system at the  «Syntonic Phototherapy Conferences» organized by the College of Syntonic Optometry in 2004 (Niagara Falls, Canada) and 2006 (Florida, USA):


Sensortech Inc. is a small R&D company specializing in the design and licensing of innovative instruments involving sound, light and brainwaves.

Sensortech's headquarters, located within a large private domain in the Laurentian forest of Québec (Canada), house its research lab as well as a permanent demonstration installation of the Sensora®, its main product.

Sensortech's Headquarters

Sensortech's headquarters
in the Canadian Laurentian forest

Anadi MartelThe firm was founded and is headed by Anadi A. Martel, an electronics wizard since his teen years. After establishing a solid scientific foundation by way of graduate studies in Physics, he went on to live in an ashram in India for a few years. Since then, he has been applying his intimate knowledge of electronics and computers to the development of instruments working in novel ways with sound and light. His Spatial Sound Processors have been used worldwide by professionals in psychoacoustics, multimedia and cinema. His work has led to patents in the field of Light Modulation, and recently in LED-based design. He is also president of the International Light Association.

When not earning his living as a hi-tech design consultant for various companies such as Disney World, Cirque du Soleil and OSIM International, he can mostly be found in his lab working to refine the Sensora, which combines many of his inventions.

Ma PremoAlso closely involved is Ma Premo, a psychotherapist well-known in Canada and Europe for her original shamanistic approach, especially since the publication of her book on Tantra  "Celebration of Sex" (currently available in French). She has a wide ranging experience in using sound and light to enhance inner processes, and has been a driving force behind the development of the art and therapy aspects of the Sensora. 


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