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"Sensora gently guides us into a state of oneness where heaven and earth merge and we once again see through the eyes of God. The experience is extraordinary and unforgettable." 

Dr.Jacob Liberman, author of:    

"Light: Medecine of the future"     
"Take off your glasses and see"    
"Wisdom from an empty mind"
"The Sensora, a cerebral relaxation dome created in Quebec, offers a soft and thoroughly voluptuous experience. It is a sound and light installation that wraps us up in cotton balls as though we were a precious gift."
"A soft voyage into the heart of light. The curved screen resembles a shimmering surface of water upon which dances the light of the sun. (..) At the present time, I know of no other fully integrated light, sound & vibration system that so closely unifies science, art and consciousness."

Raoûl Duguay, Author, Composer, Poet
"The Sensora is without doubt the most advanced, complete, multi-sensorial system made. You will be amazed to learn what this system contains and how it can be used. Sensortech Inc. has definitely taken light, sound and tactile stimulation to its highest level."

Michael Landgraf, Editor AVS (Audio/Visual Stimulation) Journal
"Just one try and I literally melted into a kind of inexpressible blissfulness.(..) Sensora opens the door to an inner Eden."
Michel St-Germain, Journalist
Enjoy the beneficial effects of dynamic Light Modulation.


Expertly designed Mood Lighting

This state-of-the-art Mood Light is designed to provide you with a sense of well being, revitalized. The SensoSphere is derived from the same technology used in the professional Sensora™ multisensorial therapy system. Clinical research results(1) show that Sensora Light Modulation technology induces states related to meditation.

The SensoSphere offers a choice of three Mood Light modes: Relaxing, Balancing and Energizing. Each mode uses combinations of colours, modulation frequencies and light rhythms specifically selected to induce the desired mood.

Unlike cheaper commonly available mood lighting devices, the SensoSphere implements sophisticated light pattern generation algorithms with subtle, ever-changing variations: it can be watched for hours on end without any boring repetitions, always remaining surprising and fascinating.

Touch and Music Interactivity

Additionally, the SensoSphere features two types of interactivity: through Sound, and through Touch. Both types modify the running Mood Light patterns in lively and unpredictable ways. This is achieved by linking the ambient sound and touch signals to the control of various modulation parameters generating the light patterns, such as pulsation speed or depth, colour range, colour rotations or translations.

These links are carefully tuned so that the variations they introduce remain within the range of properties specific to each Mood Light mode, resulting in captivating interaction between the environment and mood lighting.

Pure, clean light

In order to create its complex light patterns the SensoSphere features 17 independent light sources, each with 3 primary colours (Red, Green and Blue LEDs). This total of 51 channels all use unique high-precision analog LED drive circuitry, which generates pure, clean light conducive to harmonizing mood lighting.

In contrast, most commercial LED mood lighting products use a single light source and are based on cheaper Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) digital circuits, which emit harsh light pulses. While invisible to the naked eye, these constant, intense light pulses contribute to subtle environmental stress and are not best suited to generate a harmonious atmosphere.

(1) A clinical study on the effects of colored light projections based on Sensortech's Light Modulation technology as used in the Sensora and SensoSphere was published in 2013 by Dr. M.J. Ross, Dr. P. Guthrie (Midwestern State University, Texas, USA) and J.C. Dumont (Trinity Western University, BC, Canada) in Advances in Mind-Body Medicine Journal, Vo.27, No.4.

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  SensoSphere User's Manual  

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  SensoSphère Guide de l'Utilisateur (Français)  





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