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Sensora Color Sweep Advanced Tool

Price: $500.00

The Sensora® Color Sweep Advanced Tool is a software package enabling your Sensora light projector (such as the LPA‐2 or LPA‐3) to generate light sessions sweeping across the full color spectrum, which can be used as part of a color treatment protocol. The program allows you to separately set the time proportion spent on each of 12 main colors through a simple control interface. 

The Color Sweep tool is a perfect complement to any diagnostic technique which provides a reading of the color levels currently present (or conversely, currently lacking) in a subject's profile. Note that the program does not provide such a color reading, and is rather meant to be used once you have obtained the desired color profile through the method of your choice, in order to convert it into a light treatment.
During a Color Sweep session, the Sensora light projector will perform a continuous sweep through the full color spectrum, spending on each color a specific amount of time determined by the color profile. Once the color settings of the profile have been entered, Color Sweep can generate 2 types of light sessions:
  • Direct Session, in which the time spent on each color is proportional to the color settings. This will be used when your color reading indicates the colors currently needed by the subject.
  • Balancing Session, in which the time spent on each color is inversely proportional to the color settings. This will be used when your color reading shows the colors currently present in the subject's profile, to automatically balance it by providing a mirrored profile through the light projections. 
The Color Sweep program automatically generates a matching sweep through brainwaves entrainment frequencies embedded within the light projection. It also generates a matching sequence of Dynamic Sound Transduction patterns, to drive Sensora systems equipped with a Transducer Chair (such as the TC‐2  or TC‐3). 

Color Test CalibrationThe Color Sweep tool includes the capability to precisely calibrate the 12 reference colors on both the PC LCD screen and the Sensora light projections. It also allows various operational options, such as setting the session duration (from 5 to 60 minutes) and the soundtrack music, or storing sessions for future re-use.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

PDF Document

   Sensora Color Sweep User's Manual

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