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Sensora-Pro II System

Price: $20 000.00

The Sensora™-Pro II System is a complete kit for the installation of an exclusive multi-sensorial environment. It features much of the functionality of our larger Sensora™-Pro I System in a portable format, suitable for installation in smaller rooms, or for temporary installations. It is compatible with all Sensora software packages and runs the same Core Sessions as the larger Sensora Pro.

 LPA-3 Light Projection Array 
TC-3 Transducer Chair
The Sensora-Pro II package includes the following components:
  1. Light Projection Array LPA-3 "Sensorita" (x1)
  2. Transducer Chair TC-3 (x1)
  3. Circular Projection Screen PS-Mini, 1.8m diameter, folding (x1)
  4. Netbook PC (Windows based) (x1)
  5. Portable Stereo Audio System (x1)
  6. Basic Library of Core Sessions (x6)
  7. Sensora Player control software (x1)
  8. Sensora Light Painting control software (x1)
  9. Sensora Operating License (x1)
  10. Basic Operation Training (4 hours)

Click here to view the Room Requirements for an optimal Sensora space.


Usually ships in: 90 days

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