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Transducer Chair TC-3

Price: $7 500.00

The Sensora® TC-3 Transducer Chair is a folding chair equipped with 8 special sound transducers. Based on an elegant Lafuma® recliner frame, it is a portable version of our larger motorized TC-3 Transducer Chair. Together with the included TD-3 Transdriver audio processing unit, it generates gentle waves of kinesthetic sound vibrations that flow across the surface of your body from head to toe. This process called Dynamic Sound Transduction™ creates a pleasant sensation that can only be described as a sound massage.


TC-3 Transducer Chair, Reclining The Sensora TC-3 Transducer Chair contains an array of 8 sound transducers which convert the processed audio signal into a vibration felt along the body as a kinesthetic sensation.

Sound Transducers Array


The transducers are positioned in 2 rows of 4 across the chair surface, allowing transversal as well as longitudinal vibration patterns.



Included with the Transducer Chair, the TD-3 Transdriver is a specialized digital audio processor which extracts low-frequency information from any music souce.

TD-2 TransDriver The Transdriver first stabilizes the audio signal through DSP (Digital Signal Processing) filtering and compression algorithms optimized for Sound Transduction; it then distributes it in programmable, dynamic patterns across its 8 discrete amplified channels, which in turn feed the chair's 8 transducers.

The TD-3 TransDriver includes a powerful Subharmonics synthesis function, which automatically divides the frequency content by 2 and 4 to enhance sound transduction for audio material with reduced low-frequency content.

Taken together, the Transdriver and the Transducer Chair can create a wide variety of vibration wave patterns (such as up-down movements from head to feet, circles, crosses,… at varying speed and direction) which the user perceives as having relaxing, stimulating or balancing effects.

The Transducer Chair integrates seamlessly with the Sensora system, generating the kinesthetic component of the Sensora multi-sensorial Sessions. It directly interfaces with Sensora software packages such as Sensora Player, Sensora Color Balancing and Sensora Sequencer.

Alternatively, the Transducer Chair can be used independently from the Sensora. Bring it to your living room, connect it to your regular audio source (such as a CD or MP3 player), let it transform your favorite music into a deeply soothing sound massage - and feel the music as never before. The TC-3 package includes Sensortech's Sensora TransDrive software, which allows using the chair separately from any other Sensora components.

TC-3 Transducer Chair, Upright


TC-3 Transducer Chair, Folded


TC-3 Carry Bag


The TC-3 Transducer Chair is delivered with a sturdy Carry Bag, making it truly portable.


PDF Document

   TC-3 User's Manual


Transducers8 x Audio Transducers @ 20Wrms each
Sound Transduction
Wave Patterns

7 x Relaxation Patterns:
  Endless Flow, Easy Circle, Infinity,...
8 x Balancing Patterns:
  Equilibrium, Egypt Ankh, Life Pulse,...
7 x Energizing Patterns:
  Rising wave, Stim Circle, Uplift Flow,...
8 x Focused Area Patterns:
  Head, Back, Thighs, Feet,...

Sound Transduction OptionsPattern Selection
Flow Speed (x1/10 to x10)
Flow Direction (Forward or Reverse)
Flow Focus (0% to 100%)
Cut-Off Frequency (60Hz to 300Hz)
Subharmonics synthesis
Control Ports

1 x USB Port
1 x Chain In & Chain Out Ports
1 x Sensora Chair Motor Handle
1 x Sensora Chair Motor Controller 

Audio Ports1 x Audio In (Line level)
1 x Audio Out (Line level)
1 x Headphones Out
    Stereo Minijack connectors
Power Requirements150W @120VAC,60Hz or 220VAC,50Hz
Maximum Weigth Capacity
 Supports up to 130Kg

Upright:     125cm H x 85cm L x 75cm W
Reclining:  95cm H x 165cm L x 75cm W
Carry Bag:   110cm x 75cm x 18cm
Shipping:    110cm x 70cm x 20cm

 WeightNet: 17.5Kg (including Carry Bag & TD-3)
Shipping: 20Kg

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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