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Sensora-Pro I System

Price: $45 000.00

The Sensora®-Pro I System is a complete kit for the installation of an exclusive multi-sensorial environment. It features a PC-based Touch Screen for enhanced user interaction.

Sensora Room

The Sensora-Pro I includes the following components:
  1. Light Projection Array LPA-2 (x1)
  2. Transducer Chair TC-2 (x1)
  3. Circular Projection Screen PS-Pro, 3.0m diameter (x1)
  4. Silent PC (Windows based) (x1)
  5. Interactive Touch Screen (15" LCD) with Articulated Arm (x1)
  6. 4-channel Audio System (x1)
  7. Dimmer Pack for Room Ambient Lights (x1)
  8. Basic Library of Core Sessions (x6)
  9. System Self-Test Session (x1)
  10. Sensora Player control software (x1)
  11. Sensora Light Painting control software (x1)
  12. Sensora Operating License (x1)
  13. On-site installation by Sensortech personnel (2 days)
  14. Basic Operation Training (4 hours)

Shipping costs, applicable local taxes & customs fees, travel expenses of the Sensortech team (2 people), and room preparation costs are not included. Click here to view the Room Requirements for an optimal Sensora space.

Each Sensora-Pro System is custom-built on order. Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary according to end location. Contact us for a full quotation.


Usually ships in: 90 days

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