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Sensora TransDrive

Price: $500.00

The Sensora TransDrive software allows you to control the Dynamic Sound Transduction system embedded in your Sensortech Transducer Chair (such as the TC-2 and TC-3 ), creating a wave of kinesthetic sensation driven by music.

 Chair Pattern Visualization


The Chair tab lets you visualize "live" the vibration wave from the Transducer Chair and control its various settings.


 Program Tab

Select a complete sequence of vibration patterns from the Program tab.
Create and store your own sequences from the Steps tab



Playlist Editor


 The Music tab lets you select a Playlist to drive the vibration wave. You can also associate a specific Chair Program with each Playlist. Create new Playlists from your mp3 music collection with the Compose tab.


It also includes a Firmware Update module, allowing the updating of compatible Sensortech Sound Transduction systems such as the TC-2 and TC-3 Transducer Chairs. 

The Sensora Transdrive software is included with Sensortech TC-2 and TC-3 Transducer Chairs.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

PDF Document

   Sensora TransDrive User's Manual