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Light Projection Array LPA-3

Price: $8 000.00

The new Light Projection Array LPA-3 is a sophisticated, portable light projector capable of illuminating an individual-sized surface with the complex color patterns created by Light Modulation™. Making use of the latest LED technology, it provides a level of integration and functionality previously unseen in such a compact unit. 

The LPA-3 integrates the following components:
  • 20 independent LED light sources, partitioned as 5 groups of 4 primary colors (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow), each with its own precision power driver circuit.
  • A complete Light Modulation Processor compatible with all Sensora software control tools, and incorporating built-in Light Programs for autonomous use.

Bringing for the first time the unique Sensora light in a smaller-scale,  portable unit, the LPA-3 has been affectionately named "Sensorita" by its enthusiastic users... At barely 3Kg, it still is powerful enough to illuminate a projection screen of 2 to 4 square meters with exquisite, flowing mood light patterns.


  • Full rainbow spectrum color palette:
    The LPA-3 is optimized to generate the saturated colors required by the Sensora light patterns. Thanks to its advanced LED light sources, the LPA-3 projections achieves a purity of color seldom seen in natural settings, over most of the rainbow spectrum range.
  • Complex built-in Light Modulation Processor:
    The built-in Light Modulation Processor provides 3 low frequency oscillators (LFO) for each group of primary colors, for a total of 15 LFOs. The LFOs are arranged in a structure that allows complex intensity and color modulations of each group. Each LFO has depth, frequency, offset,  phase, waveshape and duty cycle controls, both global and individual, for a total of 120 independent parameters defining the light patterns. The frequency range of each LFO is from .01 to 50 Hz, overlapping the frequencies of brainwaves (about 2 to 20Hz). This generation of light pulsations within the brainwave range allows brainwave entrainment to be incorporated within the projected light patterns.
  • Linear power dimmers:
    Within the LPA-3 is a complete electronic system controlling the light sources with the high speed (200 updates per second) and resolution (4000 discrete intensity levels) required to create the unique Sensora light patterns.The built-in LED power dimmers use a fully linear drive circuit, eliminating the harsh high-frequency light pulsations generated by cheaper PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) drive circuits used in most commecial LED light projectors.
  • Silent, long-life & maintenance-free operation:
    The sophisticated convection cooling thermal management system of the LPA-3 enables a completely silent, fan-less operation, even at full radiant power. The LPA-3 LED light sources are rated for a usable life-time in excess of 50,000 hours.
  • Includes a copy of the Sensora Player and Sensora Light Painting control software applications.


PDF Document

  LPA-3 User's Manual  



Overall:   32x19x18 cm

Base:        31x19x4 cm


3 Kg

Supply Voltage

100 to 220VAC, 50 to 60Hz

Power Consumption

30W (max)

Light Sources

5 x LED Beams with 4 Primary colors each (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue), capable of generating the full color spectrum through additive color mixing

LED Power

8W per LED Beam (2W per LED)

Projector Head Tilt Angle

Adjustable from -90° to +90°

Light Modulation Capabilities

Independent Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO) for light intensity and color modulation capabilities for each of the 5 light beam channels, with frequency range of 0.01Hz to 50Hz

Recommended Projection Area Surface

Optimal: 1m (vertical) by 2m (horizontal),

Up to 1.5m (vertical) by 3m (horizontal)

Internal Light Programs

15 Programs (Relaxation, Balancing, Energizing & 12 Pure Colors)

External Control


1 x USB 2.0 Port for connection to PC (Windows XP, Vista or 7)

2 x MIDI Ports (1xIN and 1xOUT)
   for connection to MIDI controller

     Prices are subject to change without notice.


Usually ships in: 90 days

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