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Light Projection Array LPA-2

Price: $15 000.00

The Light Projection Array LPA-2 is a sophisticated light projector fully optimized to illuminate a whole wall-sized surface with the complex color patterns created by Light Modulation™. Making use of the latest LED technology, it provides a level of integration and functionality previously unseen in a single unit. 

The LPA-2 integrates the following components:
  • 15 independent powerful LED light sources, partitioned as 5 groups of 3 primary colors (Red, Blue and Green), each with its own precision power driver circuit.
  • 2 Infrared LED light sources, designed to mitigate the "Blue-Light Hazard" potentially caused by the intense pure blue light generated by high-brightness Blue LEDs. 
  • A complete Light Modulation Processor, providing functionality previously requiring the use of an external processor (such as the SD-2 Sensor Driver).


  • Full rainbow spectrum color palette:
    The LPA-2 is optimized to generate the saturated colors required by the Sensora light patterns. Thanks to its advanced LED light sources, the LPA-2 projections achieves a purity of color seldom seen in natural settings, over most of the rainbow spectrum range.
  • Complex built-in Light Modulation Processor:
    The built-in Light Modulation Processor provides 3 low frequency oscillators (LFO) for each group of primary colors, for a total of 15 LFOs. The LFOs are arranged in a structure that allows complex intensity and color modulations of each group. Each LFO has depth, frequency, offset,  phase, waveshape and duty cycle controls, both global and individual, for a total of 120 independent parameters defining the light patterns. The frequency range of each LFO is from .01 to 50 Hz, overlapping the frequencies of brainwaves (about 2 to 20Hz). This generation of light pulsations within the brainwave range allows brainwave entrainment to be incorporated within the projected light patterns.
  • Acts as the nerve center of the Sensora® system :
    Coordinates all the peripheral elements of the Sensora installation through its multiple data ports.
  • Linear power dimmers:
    Within the LPA-2 is a complete electronic system controlling the light sources with the high speed (200 updates per second) and resolution (4000 discrete intensity levels) required to create the unique Sensora light patterns.The built-in LED power dimmers use a fully linear drive circuit, eliminating the harsh high-frequency light pulsations generated by cheaper PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) drive circuits used in most commecial LED light projectors.
  • Silent, long-life & maintenance-free operation:
    The sophisticated convection cooling thermal management system of the LPA-2 enables a completely silent, fan-less operation, even at full radiant power. The LPA-2 LED light sources are rated for a usable life-time in excess of 50,000 hours.
  • Includes a copy of the Sensora Player and Sensora Light Painting control software applications.


PDF Document

  LPA-2 User's Manual  



Overall: 72x36x20 cm


12 Kg

Supply Voltage

100 to 220VAC, 50 to 60Hz

IEC 60320-C14 connector

Power Consumption

150W (max)

Light Sources

5 x Color LED Beams with 3 Primary colors each (Red, Green and Blue), capable of generating the full color spectrum through additive color mixing.

2 x Infrared LED Beams, automatically synced to the color projections of the main LED beams.

LED Power

35W per Color LED Beam (10-12W per LED color)

10W per Infrared LED beam

Projector Head Tilt Angle

Adjustable from -90° to +90°

Light Modulation Capabilities

Independent Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO) for light intensity and color modulation capabilities for each of the 5 light beam channels, with frequency range of 0.01Hz to 50Hz

Projection Area Surface

Optimal: 1.5-2m (vertical) by 3-4m (horizontal), at a projection distance of 2-4m

Built-In Light Programs

15 Programs (Relaxation, Balancing, Energizing & 12 Pure Colors)

External Control

1 x USB 2.0 Port for connection to PC (Windows XP, Vista or 7)

2 x MIDI Ports (1xIN and 1xOUT) for connection to MIDI controller

1 x DMX-512 port (3-pin XLR) to control external light projectors

Sensora Environment Control Ports

1 x Transducer Chair Control port (RJ-45)
1 x Power Control port (RS-232, DB-9 Male)
1 x Infrared Sensor port (1/4” stereo jack)
1 x Infrared Emitter port (1/8” minijack)
1 x Laser Focal Point port (1/4” mono jack)


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Usually ships in: 90 days

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