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Sensora Core Sessions

The Core Sessions form the basis of the Sensora's capabilities and have been developed by a team of experts involving psychologists, psychotherapists, physicists and artists.  Product Details...


Sensora Color Balancing Advanced Tool

The Sensora? Color Balancing Advanced Tool is a software package enabling the Sensora to generate live Color Balancing Sessions precisely matching the user's current color needs.  Product Details...

$2 000.00

Sensora Sequencer Advanced Tool

The Sensora? Sequencer is an authoring tool allowing experienced operators to create, store and play back their own Sensora sessions, according to their specific understanding of the functions of color and sound.  Product Details...

$2 000.00

Sensora TransDrive

This interface allows you to control Sensortech Dynamic Sound Transduction chairs (such as the TC-2 and TC-3), creating a wave of kinesthetic sensation driven by music.  Product Details...


Sensora Color Sweep Advanced Tool

Sensora? Color Sweep generates light sessions sweeping across the full color spectrum, which can be used as part of a color treatment protocol. The program allows you to separately set the time proportion spent on each of 12 main colors.  Product Details...


Sensora Player

This easy-to-use software allows the playback of multi-sensorial sessions on your Sensora? system. These sessions are special multimedia programs incorporating sound, light and kinesthetic information.  Product Details...


Sensora Light Painting

This easy-to-use software allows the interactive creation of complete light patterns, called ?Light Paintings?, when driving a compatible Light Modulation? processor such as the LPA-2, LPA-3 or SD-2.  Product Details...


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